Drawing and confidence and stuff…

I wanted so badly to start one of those inktober challenges, where you draw in pen or make sketches for 31 days straight but October would come every year and I would make up some excuse on the first day and then, Oh well, it’s not a perfect 31 days. Then I’d wait until the next year and the same thing would happen again and again.

Well now I want to start a 30 days sketch challenge where I will have a specific set of themes for each day and draw in biro or pencil, maybe a few ink sketches. I will post pictures on here everyday to keep me accountable.

This challenge is supposed to help minimize my fear of ruining blank pages (how many of you can relate to hoarding a bunch of sketchbooks but never actually use it because you’re too scared to ruin it?).

I’d really love to hear from any of you out there who have already done this challenge. Where did you start from? Did you feel lazy or completely uninspired on some days? Did you make any sketches or art that you did not like at all in those 30 days?



2 thoughts on “Drawing and confidence and stuff…

  1. I’ve not yet successfully completed a monthly challenge, but I have learned a few things in the process. One of the big things was working small and simple, especially if the goal is to do a complete piece everyday. Sometimes a full 8×11 piece was overwhelming or full of so much blank space it didn’t feel finished. Working on a smaller canvas helped a lot.


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