Day 21

I tried drawing a man’s face and I realized that I don’t have much experience in drawing male faces or male body figures so that will be on my list of things to learn how to draw properly…



2 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Hi, Ella. A few years back I took a drawing class to supplement my cgi artwork and oil painting. I was lacking confidence in drawing people and animals, until my art teacher suggested to our class to look at photos of people upside down. In this manner we would perceive people as regular inanimate objects (like furniture) and our minds would be more focused on pieces of shapes rather than whole figures. It helped enough to where I now feel better drawing while looking at them right side up. Also, drawing slower helps. Your sketches are just fine. Just keep on drawing/doodling away.

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    1. That’s sounds really cool! We had a teacher in the 5th grade who told us to flip pictures of buildings upside down to help us draw for the same reason.
      I stopped drawing and never got any practice for almost a year and now I fell back into it. I will definitely keep drawing now and I’ll try flipping pictures of faces upside down to make it easier. Thank you for the tips!


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