Things to post

So after doing the 30 day challenge and having content to post everyday and keep me accountable, I think I need to start something similar so I can start putting up some work every now and then.

I had ideas:

  1. To write on a little piece of paper everything that I want to draw so that I don’t have to think of a new concept everyday. So I’ll put all those little pieces of paper and put them in a jar and pull one out every morning and draw.
  2. I am working on a little project and I plan to have it complete in about 2 months but I’ll put the work up here and show my process (I’ll show pictures and things that inspire me through this time and how I got to the last piece) for this little project.
  3. The other idea I had was to look at pieces done by other artists and try to imitate it so that I can get better over time.

I just don’t want to get to a mental block so I plan things out before hand. So I’ll see what I can do about posting things on here. I might post once or twice during the week and have a few throwback sketches here and there but I’ll definitely try to do it on weekends.


Here’s a throwback to 5 years ago, when I had an unhealthy obsession with shoes…



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